New To This Site. Here's What Is Working For Me.

I have had this since highschool, it went away for awhile and now in my 40's its a daily battle.
I was finally diagnosed over a year ago, and after little to no improvement with multiple doctors, I simply decided that there is no one thing that works.
The back of my head was draining daily, sensitive and buldging, draining, refilling, infecting. The whole 9 yards.
I am on zero perscriptions now, but I do a daily routine. I'm not going to kid myself, this thing never stops, but the back of my head is 90% better its ever been.

What I'm doing and taking:
23mg Zinc Lozenges w/ Vitamin C (Nature's Way) 2 to 3 times a day.

Twice a day (morning and night) I do a mud mask facial on the back of my head
Two types: Britton's Sedona Red* and one I found at Whole Foods (Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay 100% Calcium Bentonite Clay)
*Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper...I'm not sure what's working it just is for me.

I hope everyone has a chance to do this, its been 3 weeks since I started and the difference was worth me wanting to share with others. Now that I've found this site, I will bookmark and check back occasionally.
Take Care

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Hi everyone,

I was doing some research online about the condition which I was just diagnosed but been having for nearly two years and came across this conversation. I wanted to share some of my experience, since I know how painful and depressing the condition is as it kills all of your self-esteem and your capability to enjoy things 100%.

In this case the diagnosis was never accurate since the NHS in the UK only focuses on treating the symptoms and not the actual condition and it was not until I saw a private dermatologist and got a biopsy when I got the more accurate diagnosis.

Before that I was diagnosed with folliculitis decalvans which is in this case is similar anyway. I initially got prescribed Lymecycline 300 mg 2 times a day for 3 months and then 1 per day for another four months and it initially showed good results but after stopping the treatment to see what was the reaction, the condition came back and more aggressively so I resumed the treatment and the next time did not work, I have to mention that during such period I used to go to the gym at least every third day and I sweat a lot, I also was not very rigorous with diet nor I considered that the infected fluid was actually contagious so I believe that not taking care of those aspects made the condition worse as I was wearing a beanie all the time since I was very embarrassed and by doing that I was spreading the infection all over my head without even realizing it, so at some point I decided to go back to Mexico to visit my family and do something about it.

My mom who is an angel recommended me to stop exercising, and I became extremely careful with the ways I cleaned the infection, I started avoiding fats since the disease affects the follicles and the follicles tend to accumulate fat. After having a swap analysis and identifying staphylococcus viridans my doctor prescribed me rocephin 1 gr/day for 10 days and it showed remarkable results but in this case I had to go back to the UK and I could not get more doses as that medicine is restricted in this country, unfortunately the condition was not 100% gone. After three weeks or so after taking Rocephin, I joined the gym again and after a few days the infection came back with some degree of intensity but in this case it didn't spread further to other areas since I am being very careful with cleaning the pustules.

Then around two months ago the dermatologist in the UK prescribed me cefalexin 500 mg 3 times a day for one month and the medicine showed little effect, I finish that treatment on the 23rd of May and on the 28th of May I got the biopsy that showed the diagnosis and I was going to get more antibiotics but in this case the medicine was not available and I just decided to wait for the diagnosis in order to get the right one.

Here is the funny thing, in this case I stopped doing exercise after the biopsy in order to avoid infection of the area of the incision due to the sweat and despite the fact of not being taking any antibiotics the condition seems to be coming down, so in this case the only thing that changed in my routine has been the exercise which is the common factor that I can relate when I was able to control the infection back in Mexico. I made the comment to my dermatologist and he mentioned that there could be the possibility of being affected by the sweating process which could also affect the follicles, in this case he recommended me to wait a couple of more weeks without exercise and see what happens, he also prescribed me Trimetroprim 300 mg since such medicine is used to treat acne related to inflammation of the follicles but I will start taking it after figuring out what happens if I stay without doing exercise.

In a few words the most significant cares that I am having now is extreme hygiene with the infection (wash your sheets daily, try not to use a cap since the bacteria/virus stays there and it can spread somewhere else), low fat diet since the follicles are a region of our body where the fat accumulates and try to stop exercising for a few weeks to see how your body reacts.

I know that this all might be a bit confusing but if you want to go through all the text and get whatever you consider relevant to your own case perhaps it will make a difference in your battle and hopefully make the demons go away.

I wish you the best luck and keep being strong and working hard!

How's your head? I'd like to say thanks for the information. I'm making my "grocery" list right now. I'm so agitated, frustrated, always in pain. I'm willing to try anything. Thanks alot for the info.

Hi john,
Thanks for sharing this. My son has it. hes 20 has had it for 3 nows. I feel so badly for him any info you can give is worth its weight in gold to me and im sure other. I hope you find some relief and hopefully a cure someday.