My Best Friend...

just finally came back with a DID diagnosis, and it is tearing her up inside. I have known her since she was 14 (so 10 years) and have been there through the depression diagnosis, bipolar diagnosis (her longest standing diagnosis) then her post traumatic stress disorder diagnosis... I have seen her go through therapists like people go through socks and I have seen her stay strong throughout it all, but after the loss of her BPD and PTSD diagnoses, she is acting lost and scared.

I agree with the diagnosis actually... I have a perspective that the therapist has, who has been her first therapist to last longer then a couple months, at a year and a half. She doesn't necessarily has complete breaks (except when she has been drinking) but she does change personalities and "parts". I remember when we were younger her going through "phases" and even now, she still cycles through those "phases".

I want to be able to support her and give her resources, beyond her therapist. Her significant other is not supportive, and most everyone else doesn't "get it". Any ideas would help... Thanks in advance. 

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First, you are a great friend to this person. Advice? OK. I remember having so many DX's before DID. I remember feeling betrayed by my mind, by doc's who were "supposed to get it right" and people who thought I was "making it up to get attention. I was angry, and lost, and totally scared. And I latched on to anyone who I thought "got it." I didn't know back then that my grabbing on to them for safety was to much for them all at once. I would tell you to take care of yourself first. Even good friends can get drained. You can't be a good friend to her if you become emotionally empty. What else? Listen, but don't play therapist. This might sound cold, it honestly isn't meant to be. I've had friends who think they know how to fix me, my family has tried to do it since I was little. I might like it at first cuz I'm scared and I want to be saved from pain, but deep down, I hated it. Maybe your friend is different I don't know. I hated people playing therapist...I didn't need more then one at a time. I wanted my friends to just be friends. The best gift they could give me is a "time out" from the DID stuff. Not that I never talked about it with them, but it wasn't the main topic. It helped keep life bigger for me, not 100% DID/Therapy stuff. I hope this helps you. TC