I found out you're willing to help. I recently found out that my 27-year-old wife had affairs with at least two men. Very furious I traced her and installed a GPS and a recorder in her car. This was good because soon after I found out she was speaking nonsense to (an) imaginary person/people and made her go to a therapist and being diagnosed with DID, is now being treated. She comes from a middle class family, maybe even lower but she talks highly of herself and her family. Our sex life has been awful since she was acting aggressively and indifferently all through life and since I was not very sexy and lacked proper desire. She is also into films about sex such as Nymphomania, Blue is the warmest color, Circumstances etc. She once started talking to her imaginary figure as if she was a professional film critic. Some other time she talked as if she was a garage boy. Her brother is an addict who tried to kill himself one or two times. Her father was also an addict and died a painful death less than a year after we married. Her mother is very religious and kind though and her other sister and brother are normal people. We have been married for about 10 years (with no children) and now that everything is known my parents insist that I should get a divorce as she has ruined the family reputation. I have been very supportive to her and her family all through our life but now I am very indecisive. I still love her but yet I think I deserve a normal life. The last two months have been very hard for me. I fear that a divorce might push her to make improper decisions maybe even suicide. She is financially not stable and my parents insist that she should not gain anything (a cultural trait). My parents are very obsessive about me, specially my mother, as I am the only son who can bear the family name. Please help me make the right decision
Babak1357 Babak1357
36-40, M
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

Hi Babak 1357.
This is very difficult for you and you are still young.
You need to take time out and search your heart as to how you feel about your wife and if you really love her and are prepared to walk this road with her.
It is a very difficult road and you can only help her if she is prepared to seek proper help that she clearly needs.

I will friend you so we can chat further.