Missing Alter!

So as i've said before i have a 7 year old boy alter named Thomas. A week an a half ago he was baking a cake with my mom (very into it and quite good) The cake flopped for the first time on him and he broke down. He is extremely emotional probably because i am very unemotional at time. The kid WILL cry if he spills milk. Anyway my it was 3 in the morining my mother was exhausted and explained later apologetically that she wasn't exactly at her best and didn't confort him as much as she could have. She was frustrated with the whole situation which he interpreted as mad at him (he is always parinoid that someone is angry with him or doesn't love him or something.) Being angry at him is the worst thing imaginable to him. So after a long night he finally goes to sleep. Problem is he hasn't showed up again. Half of me says Yea more time for me. But half of me probably the good halo wearing obnioxious half lol says i should find a way to resolve this before it blows up into a bigger mess. This ever happen to anyone before? What's the solution? Thanks for listening, zoog
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Sorry to hear that but in our experience they do return. It has happened to the best of us. We have some that take the hard road too when something happens. Keep the faith that they are there for a purpose and that they love you and will come back to be with you again. They need you as much as you need them. Hope this is a little comfort.<br />
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