Sucker Punch

I watched this movie last night...if you have will understand it better than any person on the face of the earth.

I highly recommend it, especially for those who would like to see what it is like inside the mind of some of us with DID.
If you have it with someone you trust and that knows how to handle any aggressive alters that may be triggered.

This movie along with a conversation with my husband triggered my most violent alters to try and break out last night. But it was excellent therapy for proved to me just how strong Jesse my protector was.

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I watched this movie last night...if you have will understand it better than any person on the face of the earth. <br />
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BrokenOneX -- Hi, I would really like to view this movie but it won't let me. It says its a private movie. Could you please help me with viewing it as I am a DID and think it might help me understand more. Thank-you... Sage61

Its just the trailer, go to Youtube and type SuckerPunch Trailer. The trailer doesnt give away what is going on in the movie, so if you choose to watch the whole movie, I recommend you have a trusted person with you.

There are a lot of movies that can trigger. Raising Cain good movie same effect. D.I.d movie.

Ashesoflife...<br />
I was wondering the same thing. <br />
I actually think all the girls are, infact, separate people, because they show at one point all the girls together physically in the asylum. <br />
Honestly I believe that when each girl dies its actually the point at which her labotomy took place. <br />
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I'm anxious to watch it again, but I'm gonna have to wait until my husband can watch it with me. I can't chance another attack like I had the last time.

I just watched it last night. It certain triggers. I picked it up from RedBox since it seemed like a good movie. I didn't know what it was about. <br />
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I wasn't quite ready for it. The message is strong and the movie is amazing. <br />
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I am wondering if all 5 girls are all alters of either Baby or Sweat Pea.

i completely agree with your assessment of the movie. i went and saw it with my husband and all through it he kept looking at me like "oh. i SEE". thank you for sharing!

The movie isn't specifically about DID, but the experiences are very much the same. It is a high action and fairly violent. <br />
If you want I can give you the general run down of the story line so you can make your decision from there. There is alot that the trailers dont tell you about it. It's a heavy movie, some hate it, some love it...but its not happy go lucky by any stretch of the imagination.<br />

Hi :D so does the main chracter have D I D?? or could you "just relate to her", because of "similar experience"s" E T C, ??? my girl whos 11 wants to see this(dying to see it she is) but if its disturbing, i won't let her watch it, :D<br />
God bless