World War Me

My life is a near barren wasteland, I have no job and no friends, just the silence that is so deafening that it feels like
I am living in a silent movie. No one knows and they that do are distant, they see my extremes
I do no know what triggered it, but I remember the good times
I had a job, a good one and a stable routine, I rermember the flavor of energy drinks on my way to the gym
I had a car and I remember the feel of the steering wheel ad how cold it was in my hands

There are no vestiges of what or who I was before, just threatening notes and my clothes laid out
for me to wear, like a military uniform, orders given on posted notes are pieces of paper
with directions of where to go and who to speak to, I tried asking for help I think
and I was severly punished, So I sit and wait for my next order, I obey without question
for fear of the consequences, there are times when I am rewarded for my obedience

I do not know what is going on, but I know there is a conflict of some sort
I realize that I am a prisoner in my life and I know that who ever wins this conflict
I will still be the loser with no hope of redemption or freedom
I will just be a casualty of war
Sciazar Sciazar
1 Response Oct 9, 2011

Wow, you could be a writer. I'm sorry you are struggling. I understand the pain, confusion and lonliness. Thank you for befriending me.