52 Years And Still Living.

I have survived with DID for 52 years. I came out of the basement (sort of like coming out of the closet) over 7 years ago. I decided not to be ashamed of who I am. I am many, not just one. Although, I am comfortable with me, many people are not. I find it very difficult to make friends but I think this is common for people like myself. It is late and we are all tired, and my story is very long, as I lived with not knowing I was different for so many years. One day, we will share our story, and maybe connect and be able to help and be helped.
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I have this disorder...but the thing is I don't see it as a disorder. I mean, I can see why some people would be afraid, but, knock on wood, I am not suffering through those troubles. Maybe I'm just not old enough yet? I don't know. All I know is that if you have had this for 52 years and are not ashamed and living well, then all I can say is how I feel somewhat okay....I feel alright with myself. And not so worried about my future. Because honestly where I am now, I don't ever want to lose my Alters. I've had them going on 13 years and they are my family. My actual family is what brought them here, so they took over every role I could ever need. Friend, love, parent, sibling, teacher, student, everything. They mean the world to me, and I would not trade them for anything, to be honest. Now, this thought to me sounds rather insane. I feel like something is wrong with me to actually like my "disorder"...but then again I am an advocate for everything, and I stand up for everyone else, so I guess it's time I stand up for myself. And this post will be my first step in the right direction.

This post really helped me. I was thinking I was to old to continue with therapy but after reading your post I have renewed thoughts. Thanks

Hi didrox52,<br />
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So glad you wrote on this site,it is a big step.<br />
I don't have did/mpd but am very comfortable with people who have this condition.<br />
My best friend has it and I have walked this walk with her day and sometimes nights too when she battles for the past 13yrs. People don't believe it and others are just scared due to lack of knowledge. Feel free to write me anytime.