I Am Indirectly Telling People Whats Going On.

There are 2 people who know about this...other personality/whatever it is of mine. I actually discovered that one of my close friends is skitzo....hes told me hes been being followed by...some kind of shadow man....this includes hallucinations....
So, i felt like there was a bit of a comfort zone, so i told him about it. He didnt hate me or shun me, he also knows about my past.......then he told me about his and "we" arent sure if we want to keep talking to him..... its WAY TO IRONIC. He also went to the doc for the hallucinations, and the doc told him basically to **** off because "anyone can look at the symptoms and feel like they have it" ok, thats awesome, WHAT IF we were AWARE of it, BEFORE WE KNEW THE SYMPTOMS. Id like to know how anyone with a mental disorder gets help.
so, im not going to get help....because i dont want the same speech, for something ive been experiencing for over 10 years. I didnt even have access to ANYTHING that would even make me THINK i maybe have D.I.D. It was actually suggested to me recently. I will go....if it starts interfering with my life.

Anyway, so lately we both have been trying to portray ourselves more. Ive been buying clothes that he likes, and incorporating it into what im wearing. Ive also painted my fingernals on each hand seperate colors.....and im going to be getting one blue contact.
Its fun, and its indirect. It makes us both comfertable and happy, and people dont ask questions because im already generally eccentric.
I started doing it when i felt like everyday was a struggle, and i was basically fighting with myself.
Now everyone happy, and thats good enough for me......unfortunatly i feel like thats only for now though.

Just thought id share.
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4 Responses Jun 16, 2012

Don't listen to people who tell you what to do, or that there's only one person there, or any of their other crap. There are 15 of us sharing this body and the only way of making things work is to work it out between the people who share the body. I had one therapist once who wanted us all to "integrate," to make ONE PERSON out of all of us. WTF?! So we've worked for years now at getting along, and we finally do. The secret is don't let anyone else define you, friends, relatives, psych people, anyone. We've found over the years that the only people who understand are other people like ourselves, and no two systems work the same. I wish you all the best. It's not an easy way to live, but it's certainly possible.

I understand how you feel. I also have this. I have 4 though. I also try and make sure they are happy so we can all coexist. We have a journal that all of us can write in though.

my younger brother is schizzo. he is deaf. interestingly enough, i sat on my couch yesterday and watched him talk to one hand with the other....he seems fairly happy, although he did say in a rare moment of contemplative thought that it's very hard having mental illness. then he went back to talking to his other selves. i have no clue what they talk about, they speak a different language much like some say twins do. i say as long as you are getting along well with your other, then live happily and well....just try not to argue too much. it isnt pretty when the other one gets pissed.

Interesting. You're situation is very unique. You must feel very special to be able to live two lives in the span of one. I'm speechless!