Help For You People

I believe that the Colin A Ross Institute can help people like you.


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No form of "treatment center" is going to help DID patients. "Treatment" consists of years of individualized therapy with an individual qualified therapist and the process, in general, spans over many YeARS. DID is not self-inflicted nor is it biologically or genetically inflicted. It is NOT related to schizophrenia in any way. It is also NOT related to dissociate disorder which has the same premise. The difference is DID is trauma related at age-specific years.

You obviously do not think about what you say.

wtf? people like you?

I agree! So offensive.

In-institute????? thankyou.<br />
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what do you people? <br />
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lol. just kidding.

yea well I was not kiffin lol

You don't have to be kidding, don't say sorry it is a way to offend people saying it in that way although it may not of been intended to, I don't know.