Kid Time!!!!!

*Giggles* tonight is kids time till whenever we fall asleep.  we made yummy food * just that you take out of the back and put inthe microwave but still ie good food.  and we ask the lady we lieves with can we make an account for us to playa really good fun learning gare that we even found for her to get for the outside little who liives here full time.  ans we askeded itf we could take it in with us so i wae don sleepw e cn playthat=e special new games  an we gonna watch Marry Pooppin which is one of our va=ery favoritest movies of all.

ok.  i go byby now so we can watch our show an eats our food and tiuff.

ok.  byby everybody.

yous are all really goods peoples an i know the bigs gotta work real hard to make everything ok.  but maybes if you can, maybe you can try and have some id time too even if you gotta pretend to be big to do it.

ok.  byyby for real this time.

Jessa and tommy, and bobbt and jess  for us an more kids too.


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3 Responses Sep 5, 2012

I enjoyed what you wrote and so happy you all got to have such fun.
It is good for children to watch nice movies and eat yummy food and just have time to enjoy being a child.
Happy for you all :)


I hope you guys had a great and fun time! Glad you get to have Kid Time! = )

we did. thank yous

= )