She Couldn't Bear It Any Longer..

sometimes, on nights like this, it really becomes so clear to me the extent of me how much i've really lost and what it is that i've let slip through my fingers...everything i ever wanted.

now...what? freedom? no. i don't have that. i'm mired in poverty without any real prospects of changing that in any foreseeable future. being true to myself? really? i'm not. i still compromise myself in so many ways that it's laughable, now i even compromise my heart as well.

alone, at last, with the glass of bitter tears which are mine to drink. sparklingly bright and ever-filling would that i could find a proverbial Dutch Boy to plug the fount from which the sorrow of my entire existence pours it's contents.

...and only, at this moment, do i realize that is precisely what i've lost.
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

We talked about this...You realize, she failed you? You have the courage to be true to yourselves, to heal. She used it as an excuse to bail. You're a perfectly lovely person(s)

:( ((((HUG)))))