I Don't Care.

Well I have DID... and I Don't really care about this but some of the others said to do it. (I am Rin Okumura) we will all do our own summaries.

Rin Okumura: unemotional, violent, logical (most of the time), believes in things like magic, intelligent, has a history with harming others.
Ren Kagimine: guy of the group, is gay so it doesn't matter, funny, spazztastic, annoying.
Alexondria Zephyros (Alice): shy, really good at math, nice, verry spiritual, has a hard time standing up for anything but her beliefs, can be manipulative.
Flair Maeve: cocky, flitacous, smart, has a wird perspective on life, huge ego, think knowing yourself is the key to knowing others, short temper.
Kaley Keeling: spazztastic, child-like, fun but annoying, smart but doesn't put it to real use, fun to be around and want to express her-self.
Iceatch: not yet fully formed but is a really curious cat that
We all love to create our own mold and won't change to fit anyone elses.

We are all very loyal to lovers, and have a large variety of hobbies rangeing from drawing to combat. We often fight but we have a mutual understanding of our feelings twords eachother so we heal quickly.

Well Rin is really the one who created Kaley but soon after creating Alice she stepped back and became Rin passing on the responsibility of the body to Kaley (they switched places K=R R=K) and then Kaley had to endure the pain so she created Ren and Alice realized how much of a pushover she was so made Flair and Icepatch just popped out of nowhere very recently. It can get confuseing...No one knows we have this disorder except some close freinds. We want to keep it this way so we all act like Kaley...most of the time. Kaley and Ren annoy us sometimes but we manage and Flair is way to easily ticked off. Alice seems to be afraid of all the aurguments that happen but it all woks itself out and if it doesnt Rin finally gets tired of it and whips our *****.Icepatch is just uninterested.

Anyway we love eachother and it ain't gonna change. Maybe you can show us some love by ratin' it up!

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Hmm, I think I'll take a look at this. At first glance it seems to some manifestations of Adler and Jung. .. N.B., PsyD., neuropsychology .. not trying to be a loud pompous *** ... just want to look again .. I can screw up analyses, signs vs. symptoms as well as anybody

I am a gay man in a girl's body, so I feel Ren and I would be able to relate xD I loved hearing about you guys! There are many of us, but I'm one of the most prominent of three. The Body itself is a girl--Danielle. But I'm Justin *shakes hands with everyone* And I am more than happy to know that Danielle isn't alone in this (:

well it's nice to *meet* you justin and I am ren your comment is appreciated and is a lot more supercalifrajililisticexpialidotous than some of the others! (that's right I can spell it! I did NOT look it up.)

Wow that's actually quite impressive lmao I have tried to spell it but uh...never get too far (; How do you know that that is how it's spelled if you never looked it up? That's right. I went there xP. And I'm glad my comment is appreciated...your response is greatly appreciated!! And Hi Ren!! *Waves retardedly*

;P Hello! And the reason I know is becouse I have spell check on my pc! I choose to spell some things wrong though....IDK why thought...... anyway....BYE *waves retardedly back*

Oh yeah, and it is considered an actual word, apparently, just hasn't been put in the dictionaries becouse it's to long.

I purposely spell things wrong at times just to bother people xP And oh! Okay! It all makes sense now!

And wow, it's a real word? That's actually pretty awesome. Does it have a true actual like definition that you know of or no...? xD

I don't know the exact definition but it is somewhere along the lines of being good or great at something you have experience of doing. It doesn't seem to fit in with the song at all does it? Anyway look it up it might be on google or something.

Sounds like a plan. And yeah, not what I figured the definition would be at all! I love that word, and I WILL be using it in a paper! xD

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Wow, that was an extremely rude comment they made!
It was great hearing about your group!
You all sound like quite your own characters. :)

That's rude we are all people just don't really have our own bodies, so we inhabit someone-else's! (That doesn't mind!)

a group of idiots. they all have cancer except for kaley