I've Been Having Anxiety A Lot Lately.

I'm new to this site, I'm hoping I can find people who understand and have been through similar things, if not an ear is always helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read.
  First of all I have MPD/DID, PTSD, Chronic Migraines, Hypersomnia, Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, and Arthritis. I don't remember the exact year I was diagnosed with DID but I feel it has been at least 4 maybe 5yrs ago. I wish I had a diagnoses much earlier in life, I think I would be much further along in being able to cope and lead a better functioning life. Right now I am having bouts of depression, general anxiety as well as full blown paralyzing anxiety attacks. I know I switch when I'm stressed and I used to be able to feel or tell in some way who was coming forward (not with all but with some of my others) and I could remember those conversations. Now I can rarely be co-conscience and it's all very scary. I feel like I am regressing and if possible losing information. I've gone to therapy before but now I am afraid to go, the thought strikes fear in me. I have no rational explanation for this fear. I am lost...
DazedProtagonist DazedProtagonist
41-45, F
Dec 1, 2012