My Boyfriends Alter.

Hi :)

To make this clear starting off, I, myself don't have any alters.
I have been with my bf for about a year and 3 months. His name is Nick. And his other half is, Orian. I was unsure how to take the news learning about Orian at first. I didn't have a bad reaction, like Nick was waiting for. I was mostly curious and wanted to soak up all of the knowledge of this that I possibly could. To better support Nick.

Nick, the Host, is a fun loving person. Kind of flamboyanty. He has a very kind heart and is always wearing a smile. He would help anyone, if they needed it. Nick is who I fell in love with from the start. He means everything to me. Is 23yrs old.

Orian, is quite a character! Is 27, Nick just found out. He is a big manly man. Has a lot of sexual energy and knows it. He is commonly sarcastic, egotistical and finds a lot of enjoyment messing/playing with people's minds.
Ex: Nick just now found out Orian age. Apparently he "Asked the right question." According to Orian. Lol.

I've known Orian for a little over a year. Once he gets to trust you. He does have a good heart. He's not the best at just being social and not sexual. But is trying to work on it.

...I love him... I'm not sure what to do about this. I don't know if Orian has the urge or compacity to love me back that I am looking for. When ever Orian comes out, I melt into butter. I'm scared about loving them both... How that works and what if I love the other more?
I don't want it to cause jealous between Nick and Orian. I know it already has sometimes.

Hmm. What should I do?.
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They're different parts of himself. Just love him, all of him.

I know that. Just still gets kinda complicated. We treat Orian like his own person and give him the respect of that. Nick knows I like Orian.