I Have Did,

I've been having black ous since I was six. It never occurred to me that it could have been DID. I had blacked out at home last week and my best friend called. When i became aware of things the call log said that the call had currently lasted twenty minutes. He started talking to me about these things, and I was diagnosed yesterday. I'm confused, and I'm afraid of what other people may think about me. He said he's talked to personas(I guiess you would call them) named Stephanie, Christina, Caroline, Elizabeth and Alicia.

ElaineSpencer ElaineSpencer
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Thx for the prayers-we really do need them

In the past year, I have learned the truth about DID and its links to a CIA program called MKULTRA.<br />
Before that, I had heard about the groups that say DID is a myth, and I believed them without doing research on it.<br />
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So I am a person without DID. I'm writing to offer you my sympathy and let you know that I'm praying for you and other DID sufferers. Also, I want you to know that I'm outraged about the abuse you all have suffered. Messing with the human mind, body and consciousness in order to control and use others is evil. <br />
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I can only imagine how hard your lives are. Thanks for sharing what you are going through. I pray that all DID victims will be able to integrate, heal and overcome the effects of this abuse.<br />
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You are concerned about what other people will think. As I've tried to tell others about these things, I find many people are totally ignorant of this, just as I was before. <br />
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More people need to know about DID. I'm going to keep trying to educate people about it. Preventing more folks from suffering as you do may depend on it.

We also have DID, but can't afford the treatment. We spoke with a specialist a week ago, and she told us that it may take years to integrate our alters. We experience black outs on a daily basis and have had to accept it as a part of our life. When you switch alters, do you ever feel like you "wake up" doing something? Like walking down the street, eating dinner, anything. The hardest part of blacking out for us is losing track of time and forgetting things we have to do.. on top of everything, we have to juggle 20 credit hours at our university.

You are not alone. I have DID too. Please contact me on here.

I'm not able to get online very often, but if you would like to talk feel free to email me at shiconnokakera@aol.com

Elaine, I would like very much to know more about your condition. I have many questions about DID, but some are of a very sensitive and personal nature. Would you be willing to answer my questions honestly, and if so, would you like for me to post them here, or is there a more private venue you would prefer?