Did? I Don't Believe It.

I began therapy a few months ago as the stress and toll of sexual abuse that happened in my childhood has taken over my life.
After a few sessions my therapist said she wants to do some testing for DID because she said it is obvious that I disassociate. After testing and her consulting with her supervising doctor, she said that it appears that I have DID. I didn't believe it. People talk about having alters but I don't think I do. I know that I act differently at times and when I do it is to adapt to the situation ... granted I feel like I take a backseat in my head when I do this and just watch myself, but I don't have named alters. I have some missing time but no proof of anything going on during that time. I don't have bags of items appearing out of nowhere. There is only one thing odd that I have found, a receipt in my stack of papers in my bag for a computer for $700, purchased soon after I started therapy. I have no computer to show for this receipt and no recall of ever buying a $700 computer.
I know I "zone out" when I am by myself, I will find that time has passed by very fast.

Is this really DID or just PTSD? I know I am not giving a lot more information, I am at work and had to type this up quickly.

Thank you to anyone that responds.
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

well it might just be a borderline personality disorder, but you'd have to look in to it further. hope that helps. :)