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wow i thought this would be easy not I have had D i d since i was three i had treatment for seven years long time ago we ccalled it multiple personality then.i don't care what they call it when i fond out what it was it all made sense.i have some control now ( i tell myself that every day.) Yet one of the hardest things i have is people close to me accepting them i find myself working very hard to hide them. But they need me time finding a balance is a nightmare. They scare me sometimes any wonder those close to me don't cope if i don't. I find my self crying now out of joy to share and know it's understood yet crying cause i have them.their memories are not always my memories the blanks can still be their. I get angry that they take parts of my life and hide them from me. I have five people (that i know)very different yet me. We have basic rules and boundaries but i want more. What to do when rules are broken i stopped punishing myself I need more from them???????+++++
timmytinka timmytinka
41-45, F
Dec 16, 2012