How My Altars And Husband Work..

I have 4 altars, Ms. Hyde being my go to person. I am married and to me I have always been detached, never questioning it. Until I was diagnosed, we lived in somewhat of a unison, Ms. Hyde (the aggressor and dominant protector) doesn't trust my husband. *I had to clean up his mess when he hurt her, so yes I don't trust him and it will be a long time before I do. Ms. Hyde*
That I know of my husband has never met any of my altars, again I can be wrong. I look back and I can see why my husband married me, I have a little bit of my altars characteristics. Timmy loves rocks and minerals he's a HUGE fan of geology, and what's funny is that my of my friends are geologists. Ms. Hyde is the organized one, everything has a place is her motto. My husband tends to get under her skin for he isn't a "neat person" lol. Victor is the quiet observant one, he observes my husband a lot, almost like analyzing him. Lastly is Sandra, she doesn't have a human for per say, she is more like a black fog. To me she feels like an emotion. When Sandra comes through I have the urge and need to scratch the sides of my face, she can be very destructive in the sense that I will have marks on me at first I was like how the hell did that happen. My husband doesn't like Sandra, and in the past few weeks he's had to deal with her a few times. He worries when she's around, especially when we sleep he doesn't want to wake up and find his wife cutting herself. I guess you can say that the way I do things reflects on the altar present at that moment. It's a learning process and eventually we will have the unison we once had again.
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Hi, If you not seeing a therapist it is important that you do, if at all possible.
Alters, especially those who hurt your body are deeply hurt on an emotional level and although may not think so, they need to talk to a therapist and work through the trauma.
Your husband could hide knifes and any other sharp object, I had to do that for my friend with DID aswell. Hope you manage to eventually work together as a team for the good of everyone concerned. Having a journal for everyone to write in has proved to be helpful. mpde

I hope for your best as you work toward harmony in your system. :)

My wife is the same. She has D.I.D and has aroun 13 altars at last count alhtough i have probably only met 5 or six. I know when some of them are around and some are better than others but there is one lil boy who is so scared he doesn't speak unless you actually tell him to answer you and I have to reassure him all the time that I wont hurt him just want to help him. I have given hiom a few treats and he tells me he never gets cuddles so one night I cuddled him to sleep. He liked that. Msg me if you want to talk about it and I will reply as soon as I get on next but for now I have to go !! it's tea time in Australia and I am the cook. Ciao