I Was Wrong

I thought moveing out of my grandmas house would make my aulters better on some things. My friend and I moved in with someone and he's nice but my friend has made things worse. My life has to be all about her or she gets mad or upset with me. If I want to see another friend she crys that I'm leaveing her alone if I want to go for a walk she complains cuz she doesn't . I want to get some work do un packing she ******* at me and I end up doing all the work just like when we packed. Moon is getting to her breaking point vinny isn't happy shinu won't even talk to her any more. And I know she has a little D.I.D or at least I think she does from what she's told me but she may be facking it idk. but what's she's done the last few nights is killing me. She has and alt called satsuki and we were doing an rp ( role play ) and she didn't have any alt or oc to go with her for a mate so I told her we could use my alt ren. She liked the idea and we did it her and ren started talking and I guess she asumed they were together cuz next thing I know she's crying that rens treating her like he doesn't love her and that he isn't the same guy she mated. My alt ren is gay and since she's been acting like this he won't evenn talk to her and actually has been missing for a while I haven't heard him or anything. I really don't want to leave my friend alone in the new place and id really hate to get into a fight but the way she's acting is BS and idk what to do. I'm thinking of moveing in with my boy friend. But just me mentioning it got her ignoreing me and crying for 2 whole days. I don't want to hurt her feelings or leave her ... if anyone has any ideas id really like to hear them .... before moon just up and slaps her and tells her to her face

tallestshadow tallestshadow
22-25, T
Jan 12, 2013