And Then There Were More...

Willow, Jade, Merida....That makes 25 of us now. These are proving to be challenging insiders. More than once, Jade has made efforts to end our relationship with our significant other. Willow and Merida present different issues. Willow's issue might not be seen as problematic to some but is a little bothersome to a couple of us. She wants our significant other to role play raping her. She's only 14. Merida is 10 and is what we consider to be a "sexual little". She can't speak out loud but without using one word, is quite the little seductress.

Our significant other is aware of our DID. He's just presently confused about how to handle such matters. As of this moment, I have no advice for him. No great words of wisdom are coming to me, and I'm feeling weary and muddled.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I found the "easy" ones first...
The ones that hold self-hate, fear, and sexual feelings took longer.
The one that hates me is challenging...and the little guy that holds fear is still mostly hiding.
(can't say I blame him, I keep self-injuring)