I Have 3alters And Myself

i have me, lil deanna (7 year old girl),cyan skyy(***** mean tough but my protecter) and sara(layed back 19 year old ) have had them since as long as i remeber but diaognosed at age 21...also have borderline personality disorder with ptsd..i am married hubby gets along with me and lil deanna but not the other 2(cyan and sara) he hates them with a passion.It was hard to find someone who loved me no matter what and i was lucky to have found such a man who is strong enough to put up with wat he has to go through with me.I hate the time laps in my memory....it makes me feel although i have lived 29 years so far,that i have only truly lived half of that.i ask myself why am i the way i am?i want to get better but at the same time (might sound crazy) but i dont want to lose my alters either....they are a part of me and with them i am never truly alone
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Jan 16, 2013