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Nights ago my fiance had a...fight with one of my alters. Well i cant exactly call it a fight since neither were shouting. They were actually pretty calm about the entire thing. Then again, the alter who was having the argument with my fiance was Susie, the little girl that thinks that making people hurt is fun.

Either way, she said some things that i'm sure made my fiance feel horrible about. He just wont tell me exactly what. All i know is that she said some things i had been keeping secret. But really they were small things like how i had walked by myself to the store one day and forgot to tell him about it (he's very protective of me).

Besides that I don't know what they talked about. Once i had come back to being me he was crazed. He seemed like a different person, more dark and malevolent. When i told him i was myself again it took a while for him to return being himself.

He told me then that he didn't know how much more of this he could take. He said that if it happend again he'd completely loose it.

I've only ever seen him act the way he did once before and that was when he and another boy had been fighting because of his sister (apparently the boy wouldn't leave my fiance's sister alone). And honestly, it scares me every time i see it.
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Here's a question to ask yourself...is he protective or controlling?
If you can talk to your alts, ask them that question also.
...Reason I say this...I tuned out my wife's emotional abusiveness.
Then I found my "others" and they ALL hated my spouse.

Maybe a little bit of both. Does it count if he wants to know of every little thing I write on here?
Well my alters all have made their point clear that if, even for a minute, he seems to be a threat that they'd deal with him and cut him out of my life.

I would say not being able to communicate freely IS controlling...If you are not allowed to have your own friends and your own social life(s) then he's controlling.

...So what would constitute threatening behavior on his part? He needs a clear set of rules given to him.
Can y'all have a committee meeting on this?

Well having my own friends and a social life kinda went out the window a long time ago. Though it wasnt all his fault. Some of my friends just didnt like him and I wasnt able to make more because of my shy nature.

I wouldnt say threatening, it's just that when he gets mad it scares me. He becomes malevolent and starts talking about hurting people. Though he never has threatend me or hurt me.

When I try to talk to him honestly he says that im being mean. Then he starts getting sad and it makes me feel horrible for even saying he's done something wrong.

Try using one of these to communicate what you find objectionable:

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