Poetry From An Unquiet Minds.

Would you have held on?
Even in site of my demons?
Would you have kept close?
When filling your head is good reason?
Could you have kept your mind?
With me losing mine all the time?
Did you really mean what you said,
Or what it just another rhyme?

I am rarely me anymore,
And I'm sadly never alone.
It's not just me in here,
that needs a place to call home.

What you saw most of the time,
Was the me I wanted you to see.
What you saw most of the time,
Was the me I wanted to be.

But I don't know what I am..
I don't know who I am.

All I know,
Is that I cry every day.
All I know,
Is that my smile quickly fades.

I have become this thing,
That has anger beyond control,
I have fear,
that this beast has swallowed my soul.

Will I be loved,
Will I be sane?
Will I have children,
that will hate my very name?

In love and already I want to run,
In this I know, because the show has just begun.

She's beautiful,
She's lovely.
She has heart and passion and more.

I love her,
I feel her.
I want to lavish her til' I'm poor.

But now ladies and gentlmen,
for the main event I give to you...
The *****.

She feeds off of you,
She feeds off of me.
She takes your mind,
For you're what she wants to be.

She cries for your tears,
And creates her own worst fears.
She picks at you to fight,
As it gives meaning to her life.
She only wants your sympathy,
and kills whatever you give to me.

Including your heart.

For you see,
She is as lonely as I.
But you by my side,
Is not in her eye.
And it has long faded from mine..

Maybe now I can paint a picture that you would understand,
the woman who let you go.
Is the woman who wanted you to stay a peaceful man.
Jeananne89 Jeananne89
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

You are so tallented and I sincerely hope you know it.
You have taken the raw emotions and given them a voice for so many that could not.
I understand and I feel for although I don't have the DID I live most of my life with someone who has and I see it and she never had the words to describe the deep feeling. So THANK YOU

Wow you write about me so very well my friend lol or so it feels. I totally get this I totally understand what you have said gosh you have seriously written from your soul and I for one have great respect for you and what you are going through great mind :-)