Well I walked to a gas station not that far from me to think a bit without my friend there ... and the whole way moon yelled at me and punched poles walls and other things I'm pretty sure my hand is fractured. But I started to think that she's right. I have no point in life. I don't do anything save sit and role play all day. The only things I like are animals. And even then I still have the eurge to hurt them. If I died right now who would know I died ? The people I keep around and call friends but I. Can't stand ? The parasites I call my family whom I hate more then anything ? Moons right ... I'm not important. I'm not going to make some awesome thing that humans can't live without. I'm not going to influence anyone. I'm not going to do anything of any importance. So what is the point to liveing ? Is there something I missed ? Or is this just some crule joke ? What ever it is I don't like it ... and suiside is not my choise ... but then again ... to moon its not suiside ... but murder .... hmmm well I'm probuly going to the hospital soon so wish me luck ... if there's any point in it

tallestshadow tallestshadow
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1 Response Jan 28, 2013

Moon seems to be feeding you alot of negativity about yourself.
Moon could be you internilizing someone that abused you and now keeps feeding you the lies they wanted you to believe about yourself. What happens if you would say the opposite of what moon is telling you? Like if moon says You not going to influence anyone. YES I AM. You not going to do anything of importance. YES I AM I may not know what at this stage but I have my own plans. I WILL make my own decisions thank you very much but I don't need your help. Wonder how that would work for you. Believing only the possitive for your life. I believe in CHANGE your THINKING change your life.
I wish you the best in life.