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it's been pretty odd the past few months, that's for sure. i've found more singletons that accept me, support me and generally seem interested in interacting with me and all the various self states...getting to know us and (given that my ex left me because of it, it seems unbelievable) yet they actually state that they have enjoyed getting to know the various self states.

one more month until my divorce is final. i miss my son terribly and he's still having a lot of issues with the various self states. he only wants one of two adult males and that is simply not something that can happen on any sort of consistent basis.

i've been reading through the various journals that we have kept throughout the years and i see that i mentioned the voices/selves in my head to my ex back in 2001. she didn't pay it any attention and now suggests that i've known all along and didn't tell her. she is so incredibly angry. so angry that she has destroyed her family and everything she claimed that she ever wanted. life is an interesting thing, to be sure.

it's hard to know where things are going from here. i haven't found a good DID therapist here yet i think i may have found a good PTSD and MST therapist at the VA....we'll see. given the ****** things that happened there that could still be a problem. *sigh* it's never easy.
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Therapists who specialize in DID seem rare...people who HAVE DID or something similar, not so rare.
I am divorcing my spouse... It sucks.