I Have A Few Questions.

So I have DID, or at least I was diagnosed with it by a college student majoring in psychology. I currently have seven alters, and only one isn't older than me. I haven't lost time since I was little, so does that mean I have DDNOS instead of DID? Only a few people know, but not my parents. I'm telling them soon. I don't lose time or receive weird gifts or Christmas cards, but that's probably because I'm young. However, just the other day I met a little. She tends to age-slide, so I'm confused. But in order to have DID do you have to lose time?
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I have DID and I don't lose time. It never hurts to get another opinion though, especially since you're younger.

No. Losing time would mean my abusers (and myself) might find out. Being found out would have been absolutely devastating to me. It would have resulted from me being chained by my abuser to being ....like skinned alive. That's harsh, but a simple way of saying "The mind will do whatever it must to survive". I believe my alters pass bits of information along to clue me in. The worst was forgetfulness and/or of a sense of being scattered while under duress (I was switching at those times). It just made me look stupid which satisfied my abusers anyway. Now my life is full of love and safety. NOW they have let me in on things. Recovery is going very well, too. I am beginning to lose time as my alters are more comfortable and free to be themselves. Stick with the truth - the one you need to heal. The answer lies in "What gets you better?" Sometimes I still doubt but I know treatment and therapy for DID has been the most beneficial and helpful. In fact, I've never been happier. I look forward to being a whole person one day.

not necessarily they (the altars) can sometimes work in sync and all work together as one. My wife has MPD/DID and she does lose time but I know of others from being on here that the altars can work together. Wish you well in the future and take care it really isn't that bad !!! firstly you are very brave at your age to be telling someone about it so I think you will be fine.