So my psychiatrist told me I should keep a journal for me and my alters, during the school year. It's basically for me, or my alters whenever they are in control, to write in. Such as what we feel, how are things, etc. So I replied to her saying, "so like a diary?", and she replied yes but for boys. I'm not sure whether I should do this or not. What do you guys think?
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Def it helps so much. I was reluctant at first , but it helps me organize everything.. in a sense

Writing is a good idea, the hard part is getting all your alters to follow through. And it can sometimes be a bad idea to go through and reread it.
Only one of my alters journals, but it's his life on the inside that he writes.
Others tried writing for awhile, but after several pages they stopped because memories started disappearing to protect the whole.

Definatly helps. It use to help me. I stopped though because I eventually was too afraid to read what was written about my past and to me based on the hurt ones and the "evil ones" who are just actually being protective by trying to be a little scary. At that point though I decided to just give it to my therapist without me reading it. It helped until I decided I wasn't ready to face anything and took a break into old bad habits...but that was my decision, I personally think you should and if you ever wanna talk about anything based on that or otherwise I'm here just message me. Take care, soldier.