So I've been having issues with one of my alters lately. I'm not at all in touch with her really, or I guess co-conscious is the right word to use, I wouldn't know about her if other people didn't tell me. Another of my alters told me her name is Isla so that's all I know about her. The issue is she comes out when I'm stressed or really anxious- like when I get in a fight with my boyfriend. She is mute as far as I know, and just kinda stares blankly, I'm pretty sure she cuts me as well because I used to have cuts when she'd been out for awhile. The trouble is she'll come out, plant herself somewhere and not talk or react or anything to anyone or anything around her. The most recent occasion she came out on the side of the highway and my boyfriend tried to get her to move or respond for like an hour and eventually called a cab and took us home. Is there any way to force a switch or get her to not come out? :/
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I dont know.. maybe setting up a "gatekeeper", someone to keep her inside. I have a mute alter too, they're so stressful sometimes and he panics when people talk to him because he forgets this body has a working voice box.
You could also talk to her (get her to write things) and maybe set up boundaries/arrangements.. things like that so shes easier to handle...

That all sounds like really good ideas, but if I can't reach her and neither can my co- conscious alter how do I go about doing that..?

Maybe leave her 'notes' letting her know that you want to talk to her. Hopefully she'll see them and get in contact with you or another.
Maybe first set out to be her friend or see if others can get to her to be her friend... if she has a friend things might be better.

Okay thank you I'll try that :)

Just to clarify: not a hwy just a busy road really, sorry :s I was biking somewhere with my boyfriend