So today was the first day of school, junior year of high school, and it was alright. I started Delta and I started a bit on the journal and you guys were right about it. Hopefully my other alters would start writing in it soon, I know would like too. Switching was at a minimum today at school, but I know for a fact that it will increase as time progresses. I have Weight Training and Gamma loves to lift weights to build up muscles. I met my best friends, we got some classes together, met my new teachers but I also went back to visit my teachers from sophomore year, and they were happy to see me as well, especially my English 2 teacher. He considers me (plus Kappa) to be his star student. But of course there's the downside to the day. Some of the people from last year remember I have DID and they started to avoid me as much as possible. I don't care though, but if word spreads, then there's going to be a problem, but the students at my school don't really spread things like that so I have nothing to worry about.
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Just keep your head up and brush off any stupidity and ignorance you come across. ;)

Will do :)