im struggling with trying to keep my boyfriend and my other personality happy at the same time. no matter what i do its wrong.
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I understand :/ the last guy I dated was a pain to keep happy without upsetting my alters... And keeping my alters happy would somehow upset him... Relationships with singlets suck

I was with him before I was even diagnosed or knew about it so we've been through a lot. Just wish he could understand how hard it actually is. He tries but he just can't get it.

most people cant really comprehend something that they havent been through, unfortunately :/ he just has to try to understand that even if he doesnt know how you feel or understand what youre going through, he has to be compassionate and patient. its the only way, honestly.

He tries. But he's still trying to wrap his head around it. Which I understand. Just hard

Has your boyfriend made an attempt to make a relationship with your alter? Rather than pushing him away, encourage him to be included?

She can't stand him. All he is, is nice to her and she Is very cold towards him. But I try to help him understand that it's not just him. She has all these online dating profiles. With my pictures and she has her own Facebook and she gets guys to fall for her online only cause she try's not to talk as much as possible. She makes up horrible stories then she crushes the poor guy that was dumb enough to trust a stranger online.

I don't blame her for hating guys as much as she does but if anything I should be the angriest.

How so?

Well my alter wants to be out and if I ask my boyfriend if he can just stay away for an hour so she can have some time out and if I fight her she punishes me when she finally gets out.