Getting Older Getting Weaker

I have been looking on the web for other people who have distal myopathy,and havent found any yet. I just want to see if there is anybody at my age who's dealing with this (51).I have'nt ran into anyone with this.I know that it's rare and that it definitely a good thing.I was an electrician who loved his job but by the age of 47 I could no longer hide my weakness and had to retire.
I would'nt have such a problem dealing with this if it were'nt for watching my father go through it. He was lucky I think in that manner,since his dad died at 76 and only had a few symptoms,(shuffling feet and hanging head) ,most likely other weaknesses too but my dad never noticed so did'nt have a vision of what was to come.
I have alot to share but it does'nt seem to matter that much to others who don't have this issue. I feel that I could still do alot of things but my body won't let me.
Becanden Becanden
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I am sorry you are going through this. I never heard about it before.