Last Night And Quite A Few Nights They Feel Very Real

So, I was on a road trip with a friend or two, but we were driving dog sleds from where I am in Texas to this place in New Mexico that doesn't actually exist, but the name of the town was Excerus, or Ex-something.  Middle of the sand and desert and the ONLY thing there was a Chevron with a Safeway store inside.  I don't remember what we bought, but I went through the frozen section looking for ice cream and all they had was those frozen Butterfinger ice cream candy bars and some frozen Oreos.  Then I guess somehow we explored and came to the residential piece of the town and we got in a hotel.  2nd floor and some dickhead intentionally set fire to the place, but the sulfur was sealing the cracks the floorboards so the flames weren't coming through to our level.  It was me, some guy, and another girl and we jumped out the window safely, and went to this wagon that doubled as a table outside.  People were outside with what they had salvaged, and two guys on either side of the wagon started arguing and each had pistols.  They loaded them, all these people around, and as people started to disperse, some people and I crawled under the table-wagon to take cover.  Didn't do ANY good as the sonofabitch started shooting UNDER the table.  I felt the bullets' impact; I was shot several times in the lower back and upper back, but felt no pain--just impact.  Pretty soon, I just played dead because the screaming had all stopped--everyone was dead of course.  He came back and looked under the wagon, figured I wasn't dead and shot me three or four times in the right side of my head; again, no pain or death--just impact.  I never died through this, and when he left, I crawled out and bodies were EVERYWHERE...

There's another dream I had later last night, and once again I was shot in the freakin' head by a maniac several times.  I still felt NO pain and did NOT die, so I came to, got up, and was friends with this guy--he didn't have a face, just a skull bone for a head, but he talked and laughed like an intact individual.  He had a pickup, a tan and white Chevy shortbed he drove with the cab somehow facing backwards, but he was still facing the opposite direction to drive.  I was driving another pickup in front of him and we passed a brown dog on the roadside.  He told me "Watch this!!" and I turned to watch.  This huge rope looped from the window of his truck, around the dog's neck, and I don't know exactly what it hit, but the dog's body hit something, and the force decapitated it; the head went rolling across the road.  We both broke out laughing and drove on.  We got "home" to some ramshackle house and I asked him if he had ever associated sex with his killing and he said sometimes and then we ended up in reclining chairs with a woman at each of us.  I found out I was scorched and burned from my waist down AND that I had a pencil-thin penis.  Well, the lady laughed at me and left, but his woman saw his wrinkled small penis and stayed.  LOL.  I took mine and I closed my eyes, opened them again, and it was getting erect and felt really good.  Okay, so I closed my eyes again and opened them, still *******, and it was at least 7 or 8 inches straight up and felt so ******* good. Hahaha, THEN (weird) my brother shows up at my side and is demonstrating how to jack off cuz I obviously wasn't getting maximum pleasure from one hand.  He showed me (in the air, not on himself) how to twist and rub up at the same time.  I pretty much blacked out from pleasure after that. 

I give these dreams 5 Stars, but some don't always turn out so well.  I've had so many apocalyptic, end-of-the-world dreams they lose their ability to scare me.  I've been shot and felt the actual pain, watched people die from hunger standing in line naked on street sidewalks, watched planes fall from the sky into my backyard and explode to burn up and light fire to everything around me, and I've killed people over food or shelter.  This is all dreams, and I'm not one of those people who is concerned about "What's gonna happen December 12, 2012?", but I wonder sometimes.  Tell me I'm not the only one?

filthydieseltech filthydieseltech
22-25, F
Mar 16, 2010