Disturbing Thoughts

hi, im 15 years old. I play hockey, hunt with guns and am very active in sports. Over the last week i've been experiencing disturbing thouhts about my family, i would never hurt them but these thoughts just wont go away. I play violent video games and watch a lot of horror movies so this may provoke them to happen. I do cry sometimes and i need this to stop. Please help me!

brettmacd brettmacd
13-15, M
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

violent video games and horror movies can be insightful and a great experience etc. but if you're not careful, your enthusiasm can turn to sadism and you might often find that you care less for other people than you did before. maybe you should limit the amount of violence you expose yourself to, and try to look at it all in a different way. wow just realised this is from 2010...