How Long Until I Feel Better?

I have been on Cipro and Flagl for 7 days - took the last doses last night. I am still having cramping and some slight pain on both sides of my abdomen.
I've read some of the side effects for the Flagl - which seem to be just as bad as the diverticulitis itself.  At what point should I start feeling better? The doctor says to come back in to see him this coming Monday if I'm not better. But, I wonder if it just takes a week or 2 after I've finished the drugs before I feel 100% better.
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I hope so. you sound like a mirror of me. I'm 45 though. From what I've read, once you have it you are stuck with it. Apparently the best diet for it is a high fiber one.

I was recently released from the hospital (admitted from the ER) after a four day stay being treated for a severe attack of diverticulitis (which I did not know I even had) with IV Flagyl and Ciro for four days, then was sent home on oral versions of the same antibiotics for seven more days. You are correct, the side effects of both Flagyl and Ciro can be rough. I ended up with a very bad yeast infection (which I have not had since I was a very young woman). I even ended up with thrush (yeast infection on my tongue/mouth). I was treated for both issues during my post hospitalization follow up PCP visit. <br />
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I finished my last dose of antibiotics a little over a week ago and am finally starting to feel significantly better both in the reduction of abdominal pain and in the dissipation of side effects. I am transitioning back to solid food, but am taking it very slowly (eating much less than I was prior to the attack). I am still have difficulty when I have a bowel movement (feel lke I am still straining too much). My physician currently has me taking Mirylax daily. <br />
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I agree with the nurse below, if you are still having significant left quadrant pain, you may need additional antibiotics. I am still having some pain, but it is definitely reduced.<br />
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I barely escaped the need for a resection of my colon and a temporary ostomy. I had a bowel movement the morning the General Surgeon came to my hospital room for a follow up to his original consult with me. <br />
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I am personally, still struggling with knowing what I should eat right now to avoid this from occurring again. <br />
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Hope you are feeling better soon.

Sometimes diverticulitis doesn't go away with antibiotics. It's not easy to treat this type of problem; seriously I am a surgical nurse and can tell you some people need to have colectomies and temporary colostomy bags until their colons heal. If it's just a mild case some folks respond well to clear liquid diet, Flagyl, Ciprofloxicin for a few days with slowly advancing diet as tolerated by gradualy adding fiber. Too much fiber while its active will make it worse. When your diverticuli have a chance to heal you should increase your fiber intake to avoid another flare up. Take care.

Might need another course of Flagyl. I hope you feel better soon.

I just was released from the hosp but only after 1 1/2 days. I was told I have a mild case so I was told to get to do the Psyllium (Metamucil) one packet daily, whatever that means, as I bought in a plastic container. Maybe someone out there knows? I am relieved after read the OP that she still has cramping on BOTH sides of the abdomen. Her case most mirrors mine, I'm on day since of my attack but told to be on drugs for two weeks. I am still so frightened of a perforated diverticula. Does anyone know if a CT scan would pick up the perforation? I haven't have a chance to consult my dr so any FB out there would be greatly appreciated.