I Thought I Had Food Poisioning ?

Three weeks ago on a saturday,I went to my favorite mexican restaurant near my home
I ordered two tacos with extra hot sauce, and before I could finish eating the second taco I had this
I think I'm gonna be sick from eating these tacos kinda feeling something about the tacos just tasted funny however ...prior to eating the tacos I had been experiencing some episodes of constipation here and there, and even with the use of a laxative I felt that I wasnt eliminating everything I needed to with my bowel movements "every time " but I felt fine otherwise besides not having much of an appetite.
After I ate those tacos I did in fact get sick, thinking I had a case of food poisioning still think I did.. I stayed home a few days and thought I would let what ever this was run it's course,by the third day of the sweats,chills high fever and pain
I gave up and went to the Local ER, one CT scan later,I spent six days on IV antibiotics and four days on morphine
and was told my case was an serious case of inflamation but no blockage.
Ten days later as I gradually begin to introduce solid food into my diet I still have some significant pain
and I am fast learning that my body will no longer be tolerant of the foods I like to eat..
I am currently back on liquids for a few days after a nasty tangle with a tuna salad sandwich
Potato chips and a decaf coffee for lunch.. The upside to this horrible disease is that it is forcing me to look at food as energy for survival instead of eating for pleasure , indulgence and fun.. From here on out its trial and error..forces me to live a better life style
Oh pizza and beer night how I will miss thee.
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46-50, F
May 21, 2012