A Stay In The Hospital For 9 Days!

I have had bouts of IBS attacks. However, one morning I woke up and a little while
later I had a horrible pain. I knew I had to call my husband's work because something
horrible was happening. I thought maybe it was a kidney stone. I started sweating so
bad. I got ahold of a worker where my husband works and he told my husband to go
home because this was an emergency. When my husband got home he wanted to carry me but we would have probably both ended up on the ground :)

Finally I arrived at the hospital in so much pain I just wanted to sprawl out on the hospital
floor. Finally I got into the ER and the doctor thought I was having a kidney stone attack.
He put me on pain killers right away and something for the nausea.

Went into get a CT scan and there my husband said I had 3 pockets in my colon that
had burst. Now the worry was keeping the bacteria from spreading to the rest of
my body. Soon after I got into the hospital I had a feaver. I was in the hospital for 9 days. I had a tube down my nose to pump out the nasty stuff that came out of my colon.

I went through horrible withdrawls when I got home from the pain killers. That lasted
probably for a few days. It was horrible and nobody told me what to expect
coming off those nasty drugs.

I will be going in for surgery. The doctor will cut the damaged colon and reatach it
to the rectum. I'm so glad he waited and didn't do surgery right away or I would have
had to have a colostomy bag which would mean another surgery. This way I will
try and heal the best I can and then just have one surgery with no bag.

If I don't get the surgery there is a risk I could have another rupture at anytime.
I'm scared but don't really want to go through anything like that again.

stayintouch stayintouch
Sep 19, 2012