Do I?

Hey guys, i don't know if i have this or not and i'm about at my wit's end dealing with this, so i was wondering if this is even a possiblity? But first, a little background.

I've had stomach pain most of my life. Usually it'll just be a day of intense pain that'd lead me to be stuck in bed in the fetal position it was so bad. But like clockwork, it'd usually be good by the next day or so and life would resume. The older i get though, the worse it gets. 2 years ago was a monumental moment with my stomach problem. It didn't go away after a couple days. Actually, a couple weeks. Not only that, but i could no longer even keep anything down at all, not even water. The doctors didn't really know what was wrong, but i ended up on muscle relaxers among other things. Unfortunately, some unforseen circumstances arose and i lost my insurance, so we were never able to finish diagnosing the problem.

that was 2 years ago. Since then, i've been paranoid about my stomach gettting that bad. So, as soon as my stomach starts to act up, i just automatically stop eating out of fear of making it worse. I rest as much as possible. I do everything I know to prevent that from happening again. This summer I experienced more pain overall in my stomach than i ever had before. I, once again, resumed doing the only things i knew how, which was avoiding foods that'd be hard on my stomach, rest more, and just watch it. If i was having a good day, i'd eat a lot more; likewise, if it were bad, i'd keep it light.

Then we get to now. For the last month my stomach has been absolutely horrible. I've been to a lot of doctors, but since i never went through ER, I haven't had too many intense tests ran this time around. But as of right now, this term has been thrown around a couple times, as well as a few other possibilities, but nobody seems to know what's wrong becuase of my other health conditions as well. But now i'll tell you about my symptoms...

For the last month i've been nauseous with just about anything i eat or drink. They finally had to put me on nausea medicine becuase i was so dehydrated and i couldn't eat anythign that i physically could not walk to class or anything. That helped me get hydrated... but i still couldn't really eat. Another doctor put me on muscle relaxers again to try and make my stomach a little bit more at ease, whcih sort of helps i guess. Only becuase even walking is enough to irritate whatever is wrong and that's helping make it easier to move around a bit more. AKA, i'm not stuck in the fetal position on my bed. Unfortunately, i still am having a lot of difficulty eating. I'm on a primarily liquid diet consisting of applesauce, ensure, smoothies, etc. Yogurt, for some reason, isn't sitting well despite the nausea medicine (i seriously get the WORST nausea with yogurt)!

My pain happens to feel on the left side, but really no one can touch me anywhere on my belly becuase it hurts soo bad!! My stomach is always bloated and sometiems my roommates will make comment that it looksl ike i just gorged myself on a full course meal, even though they know i'm hardly eating right now. Now that I've been fainting from such a lack of nutrtion, I've had to force myself to eat solids more often to get the protein and such. I'll be honest, i'm glad i've only fainted in my own apartment so far and not in front of my classmates! That's becoming a growing fear of mine!! I have an appointment with a GI to get looked at better, but unfortunately i am unable to be seen for another month, and that's them getting me in the soonest possible!! So, in the meantime, i'm sort of just stuck waiting this thing out, taking my nausea medicine and muscle relaxers, force-feeding myself, and just being absolutely miserable! I really don't know what more i can really do at this point, but i figured since i have a whole month of waiting to get to the doctor, I could at least ask some of you if any of this sounds familiar at all and if so, is there anything that helped ease the discomfort?? I'm also a full-time student and it's really taking a toll on my grades because I am struggling to just make it to class, let alone pay attention through this but i really do not have a choice here.

Thank you for your time!
mcdonaldsworker mcdonaldsworker
Sep 20, 2012