Im 22 and two months ago i was diagnosed with diverticulitis i went in to the er thinking i had a burst appendix i was admitted to the hospital were i stayed for a week on iv fluids and antibiotics n then sent home with another weeks worth since then ive been confused on how to prevent another attack can i have more then one attack i was referred to an gi but haven't gone to my apt yet its later this month any advice?
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I hope you are ok.

lots of water liquid,just try and read as much as possible about the subject.You can be lucky and not suffer again but if it becomes regular look to keep a food diary to see what foods maybe causing the problem.Myself when I introduce a food that I have not eaten for awhile I have the same foods 2 -3 days running so I know what I can tolerate.keeping my fingers crossed that you do not have another attack

Have you had any attack since the initial one??? And thank you I'm hoping i don't