More Complicated Then It Seems .

my mum and dad are divorced . my dad remarried when i was a year old . i ihave a big brother one yaer older , half brother one year younger and a step brother 5 years older . my stepmum has been a good one to me . my dad and stepmum are in the process of getting a divoroce . it`s worse than it seems ; my dad`s a gambler , alcoholic and a cheater . my (step)mum has been feeding me lies according to my dad`s side of the family and i have to choose who to go with . at first it was obvious , even though i loved my dad`s side of the family (i have an older brother who i love a lot) i would go with the woman that raised me ; my stepmum . but then after today my grandpa telling me all this stuff about my stepmum and what she did/is doing , i`m not sure what to do . i`m stressed so much and i`m scared . i`m only 13 and i swear i`m not even growing , then i found out that stress affects growth and development , that makes me stress more .
please comment , knowing you`ve read this and cared is good enough for me at the moment .
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

I can't imagine having to make such a difficult decision on my own, like you have to. It seems like it mostly comes down to if you can trust what your grandfather has told you, and if yyou can take the risk of living with you stepmom if you can't. My parents got divorced a long time ago and I've just recently been introduced to the whole relatives telling you about what happened. But I guess that started happening when i started asking too many questions. Anyway, it's not going to be an easy decision and it seems like there's not even a right or wrong. It's just what you can deal with. And as to the stress stunting your growth thing, you're 13 so you could start growing anyttime from tomorrow to years from now. If all worrying about it is doing is making you more stressed, then take some stuff off your plate by putting that away until you figure out what's going on with your life at home. I know stress sucks and you're being forced into a really high-stressed situation. It's not your fault and there doesn't seem to be an easy way out, but i guess you already knew that.