Terrible Dad

hey, my parents go divorced 3 years ago, and this was after 20 yrs of a hell of a marrige! My dad is a very violent abusive depressed man. He was constantly yelling and abusing my mom and us kids. And he was always miserable and depressed which made everything much worse. On top of that we never had any money cuz he was never able to settle down to a job - and this sucked! well now we sure don't have money since my mom has all the responsibility and can't work full time cuz she has way too much on her head to take care of. Even now after my dad doesn't live home it's hell to deal with him. He involved us kids in the divorce and still hadn't given up on the marriage. see my mom kicked him out, but he "loves" my mom so still wishes to be married to her. see - he "loves" her - so quote - then why would he abuse her? why would he yell at her and manipulate and control her??/ guess he doesn't really love her, he just wants to be in control again and have his family back. but he messed it up - and really messed it up.
we're trying our best to cope and the good part is that he's out and the house is calm peaceful and quiet.
RSunset RSunset
18-21, F
Jul 14, 2010