Should I See Him?

Im 21 and feeling like I shouldnt be as upset about my parents separation as younger teens.
A year ago this month my dad left my mum.No explanation, he just kept saying sorry over and over again. I saw him once, but no answers were given. he couldnt explain himself. In emails he told me he didnt love my mum anymore and as upsetting as that is, at least i felt i  had an answer. a month later he came back (all this while i was away at university) and he stayed for around a week before deciding to leave again. this time he said he wanted to be with someone else. I was so mad at being messed aoround as everything was on his terms and it always has been. my dad has experienced alot through his life and has bipolar depression amongst other mental health problems im sure.

My confusion lies at whether he has had a mental breakdown and needs help, or if he is just the same as every other heartless man who has ever left their family. i have now not seen him for a year but he still bothers my mum and she met up with him yesterday to talk about us (me and my 18 yr old sister who also hasnt seen him for 1 yr) i felt betrayed for some weird reason and he just told her how much he wants to see us. surely he should be telling us this? about a month ago he mailed saying he woiuldnt contact us again until we were ready. How do I know when Im ready? My mom is worried about my anger issues, and i know that this has affeceted mine and my sisters reationship too. i hate him for what hes done but mum says he needs our help. is she naive? i dont know. I feel ike a ***** for not seeing him but i think im not ready...

is it a bad idea? am i wasting precious time not seeing my dad?

becky222 becky222
Jul 28, 2010