If You Want Sexually Dramatic, Read This, Seriously.

I'd never thought about it before. Divorce was something which seemed impossible in my family. I was an only child and used to gaining a lot of attention. I'm not going to babble on about this because i want to get to the point. And that is this. My parents never argued much until a certain point. It was so bad, my mum ended up on the sofa most nights. The arguements would go on all day. Before bed, they used to settle, but then start up again at 3am. Hearing lamps smash and pans being thrown is not something easily ignored. One day, my dad got so mad he revealed something. He had a mistress who he had been sleeping with for 2 months. He brought her home one night when mum got home late from work. However instead of simply using words to explain what was going on, he took his mistress into his bedroom and had sex with her. Both naked, proper hardcore. Ofcourse he was paying her and so she did anything and everything. If you have the imagination you can work it out. So my mum got home and went into her bedroom to find her husband pretty much raping this women in her bed. Mum then left, completely distraught as you can imagine. She obviously filed a divorce. Dad being dad, took a huge sum of money off my mum as he could file a complaint since she was the one who wanted the divorce. I don't understand how my dad could have done that. I was 15 at the time. I've thought of my dad as evil ever since. You can't blame me. So i haven't seem him in 2 years now. He still has the same mistress, but apparently they're in some sort of relationship...Should i contact him?
curlysue64 curlysue64
18-21, F
Aug 1, 2010