All That I've Known

When I was 3, my parents divorced.  When I was about 10, my parents went back to court over custody of my sister (who is almost 4 years older than I am), and I.  Joint custody was the final ruling.  Now, my parents are back in front of a magistrate attempting to reconfigure the cost of child support.  A few months ago, my dad lost his job, and the new one that he found is in a different state, so he lives there.  I split my time between my mom's house, and my stepmother's house.  Because of his living in a different state, he has several new, and fairly large expenses.  My mom quit her job a few months ago, and is now demanding more child support from my father.  If she gets her way, she will be receiving almost 900 dollars a month, which is more than my dad paid when he was paying support for both my sister and I (my sister is over 18 and in college).  My parents also split my expenses.  If the $900 does not come down, I will lose the car that I am allowed to drive at my dad's house, I could lose part of my college fund with his bank, and I get to hear from both parents how much they hate each other.  My car would be sold to help pay the child support, and the money from the college fund would go to the same purpose.  This has been my life.  Constant arguments, legal battles, and feeling like everyone is just trying to manipulate me.  The only bright spot is that I only have 2 years left until I am on my own, and I get to be my own boss.  Right now, I don't like either of my parents and there is no person that I feel I can trust, who actually knows what is going on.
bigalgal2012 bigalgal2012
Aug 1, 2010