A Decade Later

My parents divorced when I was about seven-years-old. I'm now 17 as of August 09, 2010.

We moved away a couple of years ago and he married some other woman with kids as soon as he heard. When my parents divorced, he was court ordered to spend time with us every other weekend.. and he never did. We stayed with him for the last two weeks before we moved. I don't know why he would do that after all these years. We didn't do anything anyway. And about his new wife and kids: the kids aren't his.. and he loves them more than he ever loved us. You know I've never even gotten a birthday card from him? I don't remember him at any of my birthdays — or Christmas for that matter. Although we do have old Christmas tapes with him in them, but I was only three. You may be wondering who "us" is. It's the five kids he left for my mother to raise on her own. And here he is raising some other woman's kids as if they were his own. My older brother lives 20 minutes away from him, and my father doesn't even lend him gas money in times of need. "In times of need", I mean my older brother has a pregnant girlfriend (that he'll never walk out on). My older brother also has a small band. And my father does nothing but insult them, telling them they would get nowhere. They just finished up a gig last night, too. It's not like my father is poor and selling crack off the streets or anything. He has a great job with great pay. I don't see why he wont even call me. Or anyone else.

My father is a fake. Taking care of kids that aren't his. Living with a family that he's only known for a couple years.

And I hate him for it.
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

I'm sorry to read about things have gone with your Dad. It would be good if you could talk to someone regularly about it. It must be really hard to be in your shoes. My parents are divorced, too, but I was much older than you were when it happened and it was still really hard. <br />
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It's really common for the parent who doesn't end up with custody to end up fading out of the picture. Probably he didn't really want it that way, but he was too messed up emotionally from the divorce to engage, even with his kids, without a lot of pain for him. I'm not making excuses for him, but I've just read a lot about how Dad's don't get custody, and then they barely see their kids, and when they do it is hard for everyone, so they just give up. I don't think it's cool at all, but it seems to happen a lot.

Thought I'd get some feedback.. or something. Wish I could talk to someone about this.