Not Sure How To Continue

I don't really remember much of my childhood when my parents were together. The only thing I remember is how much my parents always argued. It used to scare me , but being that I had my younger brother , I had to be strong and hold everything back.
 When my parents finally decided to divorce I didn't quite understand why I was living with my mother and another man , and only going to see my father on the weekends. I was a child so I just went with it. About a year later , my father met a woman and they eventually got married. That's when things became hell for me. I finally began to put things together. I was maybe 10 years old and my step mother seemed to have a hit list out for my mom. She forever wanted to argue with her;Things finally became physical when she decided to try and lay her hands on my mom. I have strongly dis-liked her since then.

I am now 15 , and since I was 10 my father has had a child with my step-mom and my mom got divorced. My father has become a complete jerk , but has been like this for maybe 3 years. His wife has been filling his head with evil things she has made up about me and my brother. Recently , she has been saying things about me probably becoming sexually active and that I would be pregnant before I was 15. The bad thing is my father , the man who produced me , believes I would do such a horrible thing like that. I have tried telling him how I feel , but he always brushes it off and tries to hop back in my life even though he was never there emotionally or mentally. I have become so distant from him that I haven't been wanting to see him or answer his calls. I have learned to bottle up my emotions and not share them with anyone , but i have come here to seek help and tell anyone my story who can relate and please help me as much as possible.
divorcekilledme19 divorcekilledme19
13-15, F
Aug 22, 2011