Well, It's Been Official For A Month Now

I'm 38 and my parents have legally been divorced for a month now.  The divorce papers filed by my father to my mother were served about 6 years ago, so this was a long & drawn-out process.

As a kid, I wanted them divorced because I didn't think it was healthy to argue or have heated discussions.  I thought that the raised voices had to stop and divorce was the way.  I felt guilt for having pushed them, even though I know that what I did wasn't why it all came to this.

I still feel the guilt though.
debmichelle debmichelle
1 Response Sep 17, 2011

It's always hard when your parents divorce. My parents divorced when they were 80. I think they were waiting for the kids to die. :-) Over their remaining years they got along better than they ever had before.