My Parents Are Getting A Divorce

My family used to be great. We had a nice house, went to church on Sundays always got donuts after, popular with all the kids at my school outgoing and pretty skinny. My parent had been fighting alot my mom was always cussing and screaming because my brother wouldn't do his work. One day my dad just left us he told me and my sister brother and mom that he was leaving. We started to seem on weekends. Then we heard he had a girlfriend already. Turned out he was seeing her before he left. She had a really bad temper and on least three occasions she yelled and cussed at us. I ended up moving along with my mom sister and brother across the country to be near some family on my mom's side. Non of us really wanted to go but we went anyway. Now I'm slightly overweight,have a terrible relationship with my mom hate my new home and my friends are like half friends and i barely leave the house for social things. i don't know what to do and on top of all that my dad doesn't care he still seeing his girlfriend and chose her over us.
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It is so nice to know that there is someone else out there that is going through this horrible experience as I am. I am so sorry to hear about this life changing break up of not only your parents but your family. It is so hard to let go of the past for me and what my family once was. I still cry myself to sleep even after a year has passed and everyone else has moved on. I want you to know you are not alone. And that I would love so much to be here for you to talk to about this and have somone else to talk to about my situation also. If you want, please feel free to message me. I am sorry.

Hello there, Hope you are still in your strengths as you showed them before, YES its your strength that is leading you through every day, always remember though you are so small for this , but you are a brave person, so remember that world is not always fair, dont look at the people who are above you just look down there are kids in Orpahan houses who have no one in their lives to love them, and then look at yourself you atleast got brothers and sisters and a mom, see ? you are not alone, Read the Biographies of Big men on this very earth where you are today, most of them have more worst conditions than you but they remained calmed, they Struggled without losing their tamper or courage, so you do also dont lose your courage, becoming a successful human by passing through smooth ways is not as such thing to b proud, your real strengths proved when you passed successfully through uneven roads, yes its defficult but not yet impossible bcoz there are examples of such brave men already around you and me, :)<br />
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People say ' Smooth roads could not make good drivers and clear bright skies could not make good pilots '