Our House

as i walked through our house, tears streamed down my face. it was the first time in 4 years i had been inside this house. it was the first time in 4 years all five us had been under the same roof, together. the memories of each room haunted me, for the family life was no longer there, to make new ones. our family was no longer together, living in our home.
my younger brother asked me why i was crying, and my dad looked across the room and watched. i didn't know how to explain my sadness in words, but my heart felt it deeply and my tears showed it. i looked inside the empty fridge, once packed with food, and juice, and everything else it seemed. there was barely anything in it. there was even room for the bottle of whiskey and the 12 pack of beer. we used to keep the alcohol in the downstairs fridge.
the tears came again, as i looked into the fridge, which was once ours, and is now not. a hollow feeling came over me as i realized this was the last time i'd walk in this house, expecting to see our home. it is no longer a home to me. it is only a reminder of the family that is now broken.
it hurts so much to see what a lonely place our house has become.
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Wow....I am touched.

Its good for parents to read this. Thanks

things have gotten better, thank you for the concern. i visited the house again, and i was reminded that there were good times here, and i should cherish the memories.

A divorce is a devastating storm for everyone involved the only analogy I can find that comes close to it is a death in the family. Daisy, you will be okay and you will get over it, give yourself some emotional strength, hopefully you get it through your own boy friend.

Hey there :D<br />
i can totally imagine how u must be feeling,my parents split up 5 years back,i lived with my mom for the first three years,until i realized that she lied to me,the distant so called uncle turned out to be my moms boyfriend,and the way i found it all was ewww.....<br />
I ran away and came back to my dad in dubai,where my elder brother and dad stayed.<br />
even today its been 5 years,i shatter when i remeber how we all sat on the dinning table,my lil sister lives with my mom,and they dnt talk to us,and it kills me inside,i still have my sisters toy,and i still remeber how she used to cry when my mom scolded me.<br />
I would literally give up anything to get everything back...<br />
but life dnt work that way<br />
i never wanted all of this,but i have become strong enough...<br />
All this has taught me about love,to value friendships and other relationships within my family,i take life in a diff perspective than mostly ppl do of my age,and it sometimes makes me happy for who i have become :D<br />
I have promised t myself that i will try my level best,to help others and not let the same happen to them.<br />
<br />
You have a great life ahead...<br />
ANd keep smiling<br />
Life dsnt have to be perfect,to be amazing :D<br />
take care <br />
<br />
- Rahim Mahtab