The Negative Impact Of Divorce

Before the time of my birth, I was accustomed to having divorced parents. Having divorced parents so early on in my youth has taught me many lessons that have defined me. Divorces of course, aren't intended to happen. Both parents are supposed to raise their child together; both showing their good qualities to their child, hoping the child will pick up on them. As an effect of being raised by one parent at a time, I am lacking necessary characteristics that would make me a better person. I was never given the opportunity to learn and obtain knowledge from both parents together; I had to choose what I thought were beneficial characteristics from each one instead of both of them showing me together. My parent’s divorce also taught me how to acclimate with my environment. As a child, I lived at my mother’s house and saw my father every other weekend. I never knew exactly when I was going to see my father. I was always uncertain about when I would visit with my father because he would usually cancel the plans. Because I was so comfortable and familiar with my mother’s house, it was very hard for me to visit with my father. I would always miss my mom and my house, and I wouldn’t have an enjoyable time with my dad. To this day, it’s still hard for me to become comfortable in an unknown environment and I become homesick easily. The divorce of my parents has also made me become sensitive to certain things, like seeing a picture perfect family. I have a certain longing to have a family like that. In the end, the divorce caused many good things to happen. The divorce caused me to move to a new state and go to a new school, which I really enjoy. Although the divorce still brings back unhappy memories, good things have come out of it.
TheNotSoAverageGirl TheNotSoAverageGirl
18-21, F
Feb 4, 2012