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Corupt Life Of Mine...

When i was only 12 my mom and dad would end up having fist fights with each other...Then one day my mom decided to call the cops and take my dad to jail for "abusing her"...I had to stay with my mom but after about 3 months she decided she couldnt support us and sent us to mexico. In mexico there were so many gangs and drugs...
After about a year that we were in mexico with our grandparents my mom decides to take us back to Denver...
After we met she had changed a lot...When we got home there was a man on our bed. Our mom told us that he was her new boyfriend.
His name was Norbert and he seemed pretty nice. After a couple of months when i came home from school one day i opened the fridge and started making a sandwich... All of a sudden Norbert comes in and he tells me.."Why the hell are you eating my food!!!!!" I told him.."Cuz im Hungry!" Then he grabbed me by the arm and threm me into the basement which had no ladder or anything,just a dark and cold place... I had to stay there for about 4 hours until he told me to get the hell out cuz ur mom is gonna come!!
I felt scared of him and i knew that if i told on him i was gonna get it worse... So then he makes me sleep outside one day and doesnt let me in...Thats when i just automatically left to my dads house. After about an hour i got there the police came and took me away because my mom had called them and told them that i had ran away. Then it kept getting worse to the point were i had to steal to eat or i had to work with no pay just to get a bed to sleep in... Then i got caught by the police one day and then i had to go to the JAC(Juvenille Assesment Center) I stayed there for about a week until a social worker came and told me that my mom was killed by her boyfriend. I just stood there amazed and wanted to cry put the pain was so much that i couldnt even shed a tear. Now i am 25 and i have a good job a wife and 3 kids...but i hope that someday Norbert will feel like i did... He will feel what its like to lose someone you loved... I am not looking for revenge but someone will come and make him feel like i did.
vic000 vic000 16-17, M Mar 28, 2012

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